Ashtead Cricket Club Sponsorship

Date Published 29 April 2014

In 1875 Ashtead was a small village with just over one thousand inhabitants. There was no cricket club, but games were played on the Common. Gradually a club became established and in 1880, Mr Thomas Lucas bought Ashtead Park and laid out a private cricket ground. During the next six years he invited the Village Club to play several matches against his own teams.

In the winter of 1886 Mr Lucas rented a large area of land on the east of Woodfield Lane and appropriated part of it for the Village Cricket Club. On 9th March 1887 a meeting of local inhabitants was held. Over fifty attended and Ashtead Cricket Club as it exists today was founded with forty four members.

The Club Pavilion at this time was situated just above where the nets are now, this area during the second world war became allotments. The spectators at the Pavilion were facing directly into the setting sun, and in 1891 estimates were obtained for a new pavilion. These proved to be too high and it was decided to move the whole structure to its present position, at a cost of £4.3s. A new pavilion was erected in 1900 & remained substantially the same until 2009, although it was added to & enlarged. In 2009 the pavilion was demolished & a new one erected.

Direct Residential have been proud sponsors of Ashtead Cricket Club for the last 5 years and continue to support the excellent training of the juniors.