Renting a Property Through Direct Residential

Being a tenant is a great lifestyle choice that offers you flexibility when you require it. As a tenant through Direct Residential you can be assured of a professional and courteous service. As part of this process we furnish you with the required documentation to be compliant with legislation and also to appraise you of the facts.

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

You will be provided with the EPC for the property you wish to rent. Naturally an 'A' rating is cheaper to run than a 'D' rating. Please be mindful of this.

Gas Safety Certificate

You will be provided with the current Gas Safety Certificate for the property at the outset.

How To Rent

Please download the Governments 'How To Rent' Booklet here

Tenant's Deposit

Your Deposit will be placed in a separate 'Clients Account' and held under the regulations as per 'My Deposits'.  You will be furnished with the 'Prescribed Information' in accordance with this.

Tenant's Terms of Business

These will be issued to you at the outset of your process, so that you are fully aware of how we operate, all associated costs and how you can be compliant within the tenancy. We like to be totally honest, transparent and upfront straight away.