You have a great team...

Date Published 15 July 2016

I'd like to thank your team once again for all their hard work and patience in getting everything sorted for me and my new tenants.
Things weren't feeling quite as "personal" with the previous agents I used, so I decided that maybe this was time for a change. Direct Residential came straight into my mind as they had seemed so nice and genuine before - the old saying ... "people buy from people".
Nothing seemed like too much trouble.
Another new tenancy started this week. The landlord was kind enought o summarise their experience: 'The team were very easy to talk with, and whenever we spoke they were always so in touch with what was going on that they made me feel as if I was their only Landlord !!
From my side the service was very personal and tailored to whatever was right for me. Nothing seemed like too much trouble and they did everything to ensure the start of this tenancy was sorted within the agreed timelines.
Apologies for the longer than anticipated email. Bottom line - you have a great team there Ian, a real credit to your company. Please pass on my sincere thanks to them, thanks again.'

You may not be aware, but we can also take over the management of a tenancy mid term if you wanted to change an agent - just call for the process and assistance first.